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HLM is the founder of the Cargokit®, a great product which offers you and your clients unique benefits.

A magnificent example of our innovative mentality is the Cargokit® which is a product we developed ourselves. It is a body system which enables you to construct a quality body quickly and simply. The Cargokit® is available for all brands and types of commercial vehicles. The unique system offers interesting benefits in comparison to most existing bodies.

The Cargokit® guarantees the best price-performance comparised to all other bodies.The Cargokit® is cheaper and more efficient as regards usage. The application of advanced production technologies and the use of light-weight materials means the body is certainly 25% lighter than most of the other bodies with the same loading volume. That means increased pay load and a longer working life. last but not least, it is beneficial to the vehicle's operation.

The unique Cargokit® is available in different basic designs which cover a wide range of freight transport requirements. The Cargokit® Cold is suitable for the transport of frozen goods, the Cargokit® Fresh for refrigerated transport and the Cargokit® Dry for dry freight transport.

The pictures below will show you how easy it is to assembly the Cargokit®

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Construction Step 1

Construction Step 2

Construction Step 3

Construction Step 4

Construction Step 5

Construction Step 6