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About Us

HLM was founded in 1999 by 3 Dutch truck and trailer body building companies: Heering, Lamboo, Mulder

İn origin HLM started as a production company for producing closed plywood and insulated truck bodies. HLM became a panel factory which produced insulated panels in a fast, modern way. With its own system of using specialized composite profiles, the insulated bodies could be assembled into units.

When the years passed, the owners changed, but we kept the name HLM. In 2009 HLM moved to Turkey and the name became HLM International.

Now, in 2018, we can proudly tell that HLM International has become THE specialist of client-specific panel building in the east of Europe and surrounding countries.

In the production of our panels, quality and satisfaction of our clients are our main priority. Our people are always here to work, together with the client, thinking of the most suitable solutions.

HLM guarantees the best quality!


Jan Verweij  &   Rob Boekee


HLM International


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